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亚搏城手机|知情人曝多国字号选手练体能受伤 影响专项成绩

Fu Yuanhui ranked first in the preliminaries but missed the final.


What are the circumstances that will cause the athlete who ranked first in the preliminary round to miss the final? A new answer was given in the past two days-the physical fitness test score is too low.


September 28, 2020 nationwide


For a time, a big discussion about "whether physical fitness should be linked to athletic performance" was launched on the Internet. And Zhou Jihong, chairman of the Chinese Swimming亚搏城手机 Association, also made it clear, "We will continue to stick to this direction of competition reform."


In the face of controversy and incomprehension, The Paper reporter interviewed a number of swimming and sports kinesiology experts to listen to their opinions on physical fitness tests.


Wang Jian and Jiahe


Unreasonable physical fitness? Or are the new rules unreasonable?


In a national swimming championship, two "new record-makers" missed the final due to insufficient physical performance, causing the entire social network to quarrel.


So, calm down and think, is "Physical Contest" really the root cause of this controversy?


"The purpose of adding basic physical fitness tests in this national competition is to make up for the shortcomings of Chinese athletes and to improve the competitiveness of Chinese swimmers in the world. In other words, the purpose of strengthening physical fitness and making up for shortcomings is to encourage athletes Basic physical ability and professional sports performance can be compared to the world's top level."


From the analysis by Zhou Jihong, chairman of the Chinese Swimming Association, in an interview with the "China Sports Daily", it is not difficult to see that, as the gold medal leader of the diving team, she agrees with "strengthening physical fitness and making up for weaknesses".


"From the results of physical fitness tests, most athletes have achieved good results, and even scored full marks in individual physical fitness, reflecting the results of physical fitness training."


In fact, before the start of the National Track and Field Championships, many first-line coaches talked to The Paper about their views on physical training, "Physical fitness is very important, and training physical fitness does improve athletes in some aspects. But will There is something wrong with physical performance as the basis and standard for judging competition qualification.


Indeed, for athletes, physical training is understandable, but should it be linked to performance and promotion quotas?


The swimming team conducts a lap test.


"We don't mean that we don't care about physical fitness. We just think that physical fitness may not be a decisive factor." After Wang Jian Jiahe broke the record, he already knew that he would miss the final. "This time the competition is based on physical fitness to determine the top eight. Still a little lacking (consideration)."

“我们并不是说我们不在乎身体健康。我们只是认为身体健康可能不是决定性因素。”王建嘉和打破纪录后,他已经知道自己会错过决赛。 “这次比赛是根据体能来确定前八名的。仍然缺少(考虑)。”

If only a few athletes have such problems, it may be an accident, but in just three competition days, including Wang Jian Jiahe, Yu Hexin, Fu Yuanhui, Yu Jingyao and just won in the men’s 400m individual medley preliminaries In the second place, Tan Haiyang, because of his low physical test scores, he missed the final...


This situation is worthy of consideration by managers. How reasonable are the "new rules"?

这种情况值得管理者考虑。 “新规则”有多合理?

"One of the important purposes of strengthening physical fitness is to enable high-level athletes to maintain an excellent competitive level in multi-shot competitions and have a better ability to adapt to high-intensity competitions."


Fu Yuanhui make complaints about micro-blog


Can you be more flexible in your physical fitness competition?


Of course, it must be admitted that under this new rule that "physical performance is directly linked to competition qualification", many top athletes have "survived". This includes Xu Jiayu, the leader of Chinese swimming today.


Another example is the previous National Athletics Championships. When many athletes complained that "the physical fitness competition is too hard", the female javelin "first sister" Lu Huihui's physical test score exceeded 90 points (out of 100 points).


"I heard that athletes in many sports are talking about physical fitness competitions. I think the biggest problem lies in one size fits all." A senior scientific researcher from the local Institute of Physical Education told The Paper that the reason why athletes of different sports are in the "Physical Fitness Competition" There will be huge differences in performance, one of the important reasons is:


Nowadays, the Grand Tournament has set up the same set of tests for each major category, but this may not necessarily be "universal" for athletes in each of the small events.


"To develop a scientific standard, you can't run 3000 meters for all projects." The researcher explained, "What is the purpose of testing 3000 meters? It is to test endurance and aerobic capacity. But there are many ways to make everyone Go and run 3000 meters."


In fact, as early as May this year, sprinter Su Bingtian posted his own 3000m test results. His 13 minutes and 38 seconds was also teased by many netizens on the Internet: "What kind of run is this? Are you sure? Are you an athlete?"


And Su Bingtian also explained: "3000 meters belong to slow aerobic exercise. Sprinters focus on strength and explosive power training. If you train too much for long-distance running, the fast muscles will become slow muscles and affect our explosive power, so the coach will not It is recommended that we put too much energy in this area."

苏炳田还解释说:“ 3000米属于慢速有氧运动。短跑运动员专注于力量和爆发力训练。如果您在长距离跑步中训练过多,那么快肌就会变成慢肌并影响我们的爆发力,因此教练不会的。建议我们在这方面投入太多精力。”

Fu Yuanhui is in the game.


A senior swimming coach told The Paper that swimmers have to press their feet all the time, just to stretch the ankle ligaments.

一位资深的游泳教练告诉The Paper,游泳者必须一直压脚,以伸展踝关节韧带。

"This is completely different from the toughness of track and field athletes, and the muscle types are also different. In the past, swimmers did not need to calculate time for running, and jogging was to train internal strength."


After being "eliminated" before, Wang Jian Jiahe felt helplessly, "After all, we are water sports and we are not very good at land sports. It is impossible for runners to swim particularly well in the water. By the same token, swimmers are not good at it. Maybe every project on land is particularly good."


Fu Yuanhui even "wailed" directly on social networks: "I never thought that Fu Yuanyuan would have a running day in this life."


All sports teams in China are testing their physical fitness.


How to make "Physical fitness first, Tokyo leads" a reality


It has been more than a year since the State General Administration of Sports put forward the requirements of "grasping physical fitness, making up for shortcomings, and competing for pacesetters".


Type "Physical Contest" in a domestic search engine, and nearly 10,000 related news will pop up on the page immediately, ranging from badminton and volleyball to weightlifting, taekwondo, fencing, wrestling, swimming, archery, boxing, shooting, water and gymnastics In these Summer Olympics, almost all professional sports teams are participating in this "competition."


Even in the newly launched Chess Division A, many middle-aged veterans also need physical fitness tests, but their standard is to run 1,000 meters. Some netizens laughed and said whether the next step is the game of Go-"I want to confront Ke Jie and see what he looks like on p亚搏认证平台hysical examination."


Nowadays, when attempts to "directly link physical performance to competition qualifications" appear in various national competitions, the "ripples" caused by this test in public opinion are enough to arouse more people's attention and thinking. With the Tokyo Olympics being postponed a year later, this is not necessarily a bad thing.


"This time the physical test exposure is also a good thing." A former Chinese swimmer expressed a more positive view to The Paper. "This time'out of the lap' will allow more people to pay attention to swimming events and allow managers to Later, a more scientific and detailed physical test standard will be given."

“这次的物理测试暴露也是一件好事。”一位前中国游泳运动员对《报》表示了更积极的看法。 “这次的突破”将使更多的人关注游泳比赛,并允许管理人员进行游泳。后来,将给出更科学,更详细的身体测试标准。”

Indeed, when most of China's elite sports events are "grasping physical fitness and making up for shortcomings", it is more scientific and meticulous to be more precious.


Chess players take a physical fitness test. Chutian Metropolis Daily Picture


Perhaps one or two national competitions are not enough to fully demonstrate the help of physical fitness for special athletic performance. After all, the State Sports General Administration has established a relevant physical fitness expert group very early.


According to a person familiar with the matter told The Paper, “This expert group includes relevant experts and professors from some schools, as well as experts from the Institute of Physical Education, so it is sufficiently professional, and the projects set up are not only for track and field. Each project has a complete set of test standards."

一位知情人士告诉《 The Paper》说:“该专家组包括一些学校的相关专家和教授,以及体育学院的专家,因此它足够专业,并且建立的项目不仅田径运动。每个项目都有一套完整的测试标准。”

It is precisely because of this that the National Sports General Administration put forward the slogan "Physical fitness first, Tokyo leads".


However, judging from the athletic performance of athletes in several competitions today, Chinese sports needs to take a rigorous and serious attitude towards physical training and the link between physical performance and athletic performance.


This is like how many front-line coaches and The Paper reporters said with emotion, “Physical fitness should serve training and athletes.”


In addition, read carefully the statement of Zhou Jihong, chairman of the Chinese Swimming Association, which also contains a sentence-"We will establish a more complete basic physical training and physical competition system that is compatible with and closely integrated with swimming events."


In the context of emphasizing physical fitness, Chinese sports urgently needs to accelerate research on test items that fit various special events and sports, and reasonably formulate standards and assessment procedures based on the actual situation of athletes in different sports, and strive to reduce the impact on competition performance.


Physical fitness is indeed the basis of competitive sports, and on this basis, more scientific and detailed considerations may be able to make physical fitness a boost to "leading Tokyo".